Once you meet all the pre-requisites, you are all set to get started with Rattle.

Create your account

Go to the link "https://app.gorattle.com/join" and enter all the details to create your Rattle account. Post this, you will be redirected to the Integrations page in your Rattle web application.

To start using Rattle, you need to integrate with both Salesforce and Slack. We use OAuth integration with both the software and it takes less than a minute to get started.

Integrate Salesforce

Upon clicking the "Integrate" button, you will be redirected to your Salesforce instance.

On the next screen, hit "Allow" to connect Rattle with Salesforce. Once you do that, Salesforce is successfully integrated and you would be redirected back to Rattle.

Note that, we don't store any Salesforce data (our security one-pager can be found here). So you won't have to worry about security concerns. But at the same time, we are SOC 2 certified and follow rigorous security measures.

Integrate Slack

Next we'll integrate Slack. On the Rattle Integration page, click the "Integrate" button next to Slack.

You will be redirected to your Slack workspace's permissions page. Once you accept these permissions, your Slack integration is complete.

And that's it! With just 2 clicks, you are done integrating both Salesforce and Slack and are all set to create your first Rattle 👍


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